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Mizuno Wave Universe 4

Mizuno Wave Universe 4: 2012 Seiei Collection

So I was doing some trackwork last night. A few drills with my spikes on. I thought I’d fly home and so stuck my racing flats on for a change, which as you may remember are my, now discontinued, New Balance RC 130X coming in at a creditably light 125g per shoe.

All well and good.

Well I was VERY disgruntled as I ran back home as my (now ex-) mate ran with me and had a pair of these Mizuno Wave Universe 4 racers on. Talk about weight envy these are only 105g per shoe. That’s got to be worth a couple of seconds off his 5k PB?

Remember that lighter running shoes DO DEFINITELY make you run faster and here’s <the link> to where I told you why.

I asked the nice people at Mizuno why and how they make these so light. Surely there must be a bit of cheating going on perhaps filling them with Helium or super-strength springs? The answer was a bit technical and of course did not reference springs or helium but the answer basically boils down to using lightweight materials and using as minimal a design as possible without compromising strength/durability too much. So, for example: the Upper Mesh is ‘Sofista’ (a very lightweight, quick dry and breathable mesh); Polyurathane and Exsane is used for strategically placed reinforcement; there is a minimal heel counter; and a minimal mid-foot shank. Now you know.


Anyway, the life expectancy is around 300km which is 60 5k races! Well a bit less if you include running home from running tracks.

Now all I have to do is save up to buy a pair. These would probably be ideal for the Age Group World Duathlon champs in Nancy (Go Team GB!) this September where those few seconds might count and, as I said in a post last week, I’m back on course again for a post September 5k PB .Which after all is what this blog is supposed to be about!

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