London Duathlon In Richmond Park – 10 weeks to go – GO FASTER INTELLIGENTLY

Go Faster

Go Faster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s getting close – Sunday 9th September 2012 for the London Duathlon in Richmond Park. If you’ve been putting off getting serious about your training then you’ve left it a little late. Now is the time to really start going for it.

Here’s some key dates for your training, regardless of the distance you are doing:

30th August – After this date your training will not make you go any faster. Ensure you taper correctly.

10th August – this is your peak training day. What you do on and around this day will have the MOST effect on your race day performance. So do some great sessions! The influence of training on an arbitraryish scale of this day (10/Aug) is 0.4 whereas today (11/Jul) it’s 0.3. So I guess that’s 33% more effective

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i read your article rinunng is the it’ sport in the inquirer and thought it was what i had been subconsciously looking for. i had dreamed of rinunng eversince i watched chariots of fire when i was in my early 20s and admired eric lidell not just for his rinunng but also for his principles. i’m turning 47 this year and your article encouraged me. i’ve started brisk walking for 30 minutes since yesterday (thanks to holy week) and want to progress to rinunng someday. thanks for challenging me thru your story to tri. i’ll see first with the rinunng bit.


hey! you ahve to start somewhere. Normally the beginning is the best place. Good luck.