Setting Up Training Load HR Zones For SportTracks

Heart Rate Training Zones
Heart Rate Training Zones

I don’t profess to understand the maths or science behind Training Load.

However here are my values. Use them as a sanity check against the ones you have for yourself. Mine seem to broadly work.

Other Tasks> Settings> Training Load

Forecast CTL/ATL/TSB Checked
Filter Charts – Checked
Default Chart Zoom – 120 past and 14 future (for Taper)
Custom Fields –  TRIMP Checked
Rolling Sum: 7 days and 28 days both based on TRIMP
ATL 11 (default), Initial ATL 0
CTL 45 (Default), Initial CTL 0

You now have a choice. If you know or think you know your Maximum Hear Rate then you can use the Dynamic Zone Factors shown below. Maximum Heart Rate is absolutely NOT 220-Your Age.

Otherwise you can construct your own zones, which you can base from your max HR or, like me you can do it from your LTHR in one or all of the endurance sports you perform.

a. Dynamic Zone Factors – Checked

Other Tasks> Athlete> 01/01/2001: Details (ie a very early date in your history)
Resting HR 45
Max HR 193 (if you don’t know this then you must use dynamic zones – below)

You can then add new figures as and when you get them. But to be honest you won’t change HRmax that much.

OR do this

b. Dynamic Zone Factors – UNChecked.

The following settings give a slightly higher TRIMP than using MY dynamic Zone factors

These are based on my LTHR to give a nice curve.

0-120 (0)
120-140 (1.2)
140-146 (1.3)
146-154 (1.4)
154-160 (2.1)
160-166 (2.6)
166-174 (3.1) 174 = LTHR
174-180 (3.5)
180-186 (3.7)
186-infinity (3.9)

These are my Friel Zones: Recovery, Aerobic, Tempo, Subthreshold, Threshold, Super Threshold, Aerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Capacity.
0-136 (0)
136-150 (1.4)
150-156 (2.1)
156-167 (2.9)
167-171 (3.4) 171 = LTHR
171-177 (3.6)
177-infinity (3.9)

Apparently you need 8 zones. This still works tho.


I manually enter these based on 3-5 TRIMPs per 100m which I have calculated after borrowing a Polar RCX5 which takes water based HR data. For a better swimmer trying harder the TRIMPs would be higher. Wearing a wetsuit would lower the TRIMPs and in a pool I would use 3 TRIMPs/100m with a wetsuit.

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