2012 Women’s Road Race – Flag of Failure Gets An Airing


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The last time my union flag was taken out was the men’s cycling road race (2012 Olympics) where GB failed to get a medal. The time prior to that was when it was used to see me miss a Duathlon World Champs medal by a few 10s of seconds.

So you would have thought that today at the Women’s Thunder and rain-hit event another disaster awaited. Nope, silver medal, Flag-jinx sorted. Now I can have its new found good luck aimed at me next time 🙂

Was it just me or should the greatest men’s cycling team ever assembled by Team GB have not let a huge pack break away from them in Surrey yesterday? You let 2 or 3 guys go as you will nearly always catch them but not 10s of people. Still what do I know? I’m sure it really was the Australians’ fault.

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