Secret GB Cycling Innovations for Rio 2016 Olympics

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British Vintage Cycle Club Rally 2006
British Vintage Cycle Club Rally 2006 (Photo credit: CoreyCarr)

You heard it here first.After the especially round wheels from London 2012 and the Super Aero Suits from Beijing 2008 I can exclusively reveal here for the first time a small part of the secret plans for Team GB cycling at the Rio 2016 Olympics following leaks from a disgruntled team member (with dual French nationality), dissatisfied by the London medal haul.

Remember the recent introductions of super-aero paint in F1? British cycling have tried to conceal that the next generation of bikes will have the same super aero paint used by Maclaren F1. That should significantly reduce drag coefficients by up to 0.005 seconds per lap in the velodromes, a figure which soon adds up over multiple laps to significant gains in time saving.

Of course a wealth of talent and intelligently-coached hard work will also continue to be used in abundance.

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Jeremy Mathew Archer

I wish to enter the Rio Olympics for the Welsh as I feel its wrong we don’t have a team and we are all classed as British I am prowed of my heritage and my roots so if anyone can help me with this I would be greatful

tfk, the5krunner

I think the International Olympic Committee will be the best people to canvas, although I suspect you will have little luck.
However, try the Commonwealth Games…Wales I beleive competes in its own right.
Also try Welsh Triathlon where again things are organised on a country-specific basis (unlike British Athletics and British Cycling)

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