New Polar RC3 GPS [RCX3]

I’ve recently looked at the Polar RCX5 and very nice it was too.

One of the issues I had with it was that the GPS was accomplished via a unit that was worn on the armband. Well now the slightly lower ranking model of the RCX3 has been re-vamped to have the GPS functionality within the watch itself like, for example, Garmin. Good move Polar.

Here is  a link to the cheapest RCX5 I found and some reviews

Here is  a link to the cheapest RCX3 I found and some reviews

Here is the Polar product blurb:


Combining the latest GPS technology with Smart Coaching

Renowned as the market leader in heart rate monitoring, Polar is proud to launch the brand’s first integrated all-in-one RC3 GPS training computer. Aimed at runners, cyclists and outdoor fitness
enthusiasts, this stylish GPS device is one of the lightest (58g) and slimmest (1.37cm in depth) devices of its kind. Combining cutting edge heart rate functions along with Polar’s Smart Coaching features, the RC3 GPS enables users to make the most of any
training session.

Product highlights include highly accurate integrated speed/pace and distance, calorie burn tracking and a wide range of Polar Smart Coaching features – see below.

Whether you are looking to get fit, training for a first race or a dedicated athlete use Polar ( to listen to your body and help you along
the way.


new Polar RC3 GPS HR


  • Integrated GPS – fast, accurate speed, distance and route. Features ‘Back to start’: new GPS based feature that guides the user back to the starting point
    of the training.


  • ZoneOptimizer adjusts your personal heart rate zones for every training session, based on your current physiological condition. This allows
    you to get the exact training effect you are looking for.


 Fitness Test – measures your fitness level in five minutes and gives you a score helping you to see your progress.


 Running Index –
provides a score
on how efficiently you have run. Your running index score is calculated automatically after every run, based on your heart
rate and speed.


  • Cumulative training load– shows your recovery status and how hard you worked. Allows you to plan training to maximize fitness and endurance.
  • – download your training data to Polar’s
    web service and analyse your performance. Share your training data and route
    with friends through Facebook


The Polar RC3 GPS is available in three different sets:

RC3 GPS (£199.50) includes: RC3 GPS Training Device & USB Cable – available from September 2012

RC3 GPS HR (£249.50) includes: RC3 GPS Training Device, USB Cable & H3 Heart Rate Sensor –
available from September 2012

RC3 GPS Bike (£269.50) includes: RC3 GPS Training Device, USB Cable, H3 Heart Rate Sensor & CS Cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D –
available late 2012



Please view the Polar RC3 product video on YouTube;



Learn more about Polar at


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