London Duathlon goes from strength to strength.

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The London Duathlon goes from strength to strength with an increased number of entries despite the economic woes. Numbers are already up BEFORE the race and so the figures below do not even include on-the-day/late entrants

The general level of interest could be seen as being the same judging by static entries for the Sprint/fun distance. However there is a 38% increase in the main distance event (which is two distances this year).

So is this the Olympic effect? Possibly, you’d have to look at figures of entrants post the Olympic start. Or is it the nearness of the World Duathlon Champs a mere 2 weeks after the London Duathlon? making the London Duathlon an ideal warm-up event. Could be. You’d have to analyse the number of World Duathlon attendees in Nancy who are competing in Nancy and Richmond Park. I doubt if it would account for 500 people. Could it be the new Classic distance (10:40:5)? Could be, you’d have to look at the increase in the number of BTF memebers in the new distance as they would be the ones most attracted to the distance.

Anyway, here are the figures:

Challenge 2012: 950

Classic 2012: 880

Totaling 2012: 1830 compared to 2011: 1330

Sprint/Fun 2012: 251 compared to 2011: 252

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3 thoughts on “London Duathlon goes from strength to strength.

  1. I can’t believe how many people are doing it! I had no idea when I entered how big an event it is. My reasons for entering were as simple as I wanted to do a duathlon late summer/early autumn and this was the only one that suited in terms of date and location. There’s not many around really so I ignored the entry fee and just went for it.
    I am very impressed with the organisation so far. I’ve entered my son into the Ironkids race but thought I’d probably end up missing him. But no, they’ve just emailed to ask if I want him to do it in the morning or afternoon session so that it doesn’t clash with me. Impressive. His entry fee, while not cheap, is a bit better value for money with a medal and tshirt. Mind you with a poxy 200m-400m-200m race he’ll be all done in about 2 minutes!

    1. duathlons tend to be spring and autumn. there are a few but often not too well publicised. eg Goodwood, Eton Dorney, Serpentine/Hyde Park and Kempton racecourse. Or you could try an interesting off-road variant look for GRIM Duathlon in Aldershot.

      1. The Grim in Aldershot is tempting (and 5 mins from home) but I can’t do it this year and after having to beg and beg and beg my husband to let my buy a road bike I didn’t think it’d go down well if I told him I wanted to do a mountain bike duathlon! I’ll look at some of the others. They’re mostly not too far away- I can’t go far and expect husband to have the kids all day too often which obviously adds to the logistic complications!

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