Garmin 910XT Firmware ver 2.60 latest Aug 2012

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Latest Firmware for the Garmin 910XT

Latest release date: August 28, 2012


Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60:

  • Fixed issues causing shutdowns when utilizing courses.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the device to shutdown when creating/editing a particular step in a workout.
  • Fixed issue where average speed/pace was incorrect on the history pages and Garmin Connect.
  • Improved responsiveness of the average pace 100m field in lap swimming.
  • Corrected pace values displayed on the history summary page for lap swim.
  • Added delay to key lock functionality to avoid accidental engagement of key lock.
  • Fixed problem with manual distance based foot pod calibration.
  • Improved open water speed data.
  • Fixed and improved various translations.
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