Nancy Duathlon 2012 – World Standard Distance Champs – no medal once again

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Arc Héré, place de la Carrière and palais du G...
Arc Héré, place de la Carrière and palais du Gouverneur, seen from place Stanislas (Nancy, France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A delayed blog post about these amazing champs. Certainly one of the better ones I can remember.

I’m not a hill person, so was pleased enough with what Nancy had to offer. The family loved the city as did I and I have to say the transition was quite spectacular. The race seemed well enough organised to me. I guess it depends on how much you obsess over the details of things you can’t control. All my variables (well most of them) panned out quite nicely thank you very much.

I did all my research before the race and, like Horst, decided that the TT bike was the way to go. Getting that lumbering alloy frame up to speed probably proved my downfall ONCE AGAIN. Note to self. Windy course = lots of acceleration = carbon. I didn’t feel too stupid tho as many others seemed to make the wrong choice of bike as well.

Still after my injuries earlier in the year I was well chuffed. One day I will get a medal as my excuses finally run out and I combine training with a bit of good luck (and the right bike choice).

I think the Brits did very well once again, you can check out all the medalists on the BTF site. As usual, Mr Hall did us proud in one of the more competitive age groups as did Juliette Minter + Hilary Ross and of course the continually succeeding Peter Wheddon is always good for a bit of gold. The BTF web site has a quote from him where ONCE AGAIN he reminds us that he had the best bike split on the day. I’m going to invite Chirs Frome to the next one and/or do a bit more work on the turbo. (I’m just jealous, Peter).

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