sub-20 5k at Bushy Park – 10% of you can do it…apparently

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Well obviously a sub 20 minute 5k is easy. The results from last Saturday MUDDY 5k in Bushy Park shows 96th placed Steve Cochrane doing a dead 20:00 minutes 5k.

96 Steve COCHRANE 20:00

To those of you not as good as me at maths that means that 95 went under 20 minutes. and don’t worry Steve has done it many times before himself.

That was out of a field of 994 which nearly broke the previous (all-time) record of 1000.

So pretty much 10% of runners can do less than a 20 minute 5k. Hmmm.

And you can’t even use the ‘fast course’ argument because of the mud.

Maybe it was just something in the air as the first video below shows (stags)…interesting. The guy gets EXTREME KUDOS for how he sensibly kept the stag at bay. My rehearsed tactics precisely.

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