It’s very busy here at the moment.

Looking at ROTOR Q-Rings/chainrings, I’m hoping to get my hands on a Polar RCX3 (the new compact one with built in GPS)

Training is going well in the pool and on the bike but I’ve had some calf issues again like last year, so that’s taking a back burner until maybe the weekend. I’e got slower – which is very annoying.

I’m looking to write up the Althorp Duathlons last weekend which marked the start of the AG season proper. Much improved standard of qualifier/competitor  I thought – especially in the Sprint Duathlon over many age groups (which was/is annoying!).

Looking also at the Prudential Hyde Park open Triathlon (sprint and standard) – I didn’t get accepted in the ballot so we’ll see what happens now.

Also there’s the upcoming ride london surrey olympic road-closed bikeathon over the road race course…again more to follow

just gotta find the time….



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