Top 10 running tips for 5k and parkrun

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Top 10 5k and parkrun running tips. Running myths debunked!

Maybe you have a few to add to the mix 😉

1. Hydration: Not really that important. The weight of the extra water in your body will slow you down. As evidence look a the tiny water bottles that tour de France riders use in the 100++ mile stages. They use most of that to spray over their heads on hot days to keep themselves cool. Also the water bottles are normally sponsored by big banks.

2. Shoes: Big shoes are best for getting a PB as they help you bounce more so lengthening your stride and creating/giving you extra energy.

3. Sprint at the start. You are not as tired at the start of a 5k race so it never hurts to sprint off really quickly (kids are very good at this and usually win).

4. Breathing: Your body exhales lots of un-used oxygen. Save time and energy by holding your breath for 3 or 4 seconds longer than you normally do each breath, that way using the oxygen you already have in your lungs.

5. If  you have kids you will have noticed they are hyperactive very soon after coloured sweets. Translate that effect into your running by having a few packs of M&Ms, or similar, before you race. About 3 minutes before the race starts is best.

6. Ignore advice to kick your heels up as you run. Logically you should keep your feet as close to the gorund as possible for longer races. That way you save huge amounts of energy by NOT having to lift them up too far from the ground.

7. (See also point 2). Try to make your stride as long as possible. That way you will get there quicker.

8. If you want to do a really fast 5k the best training is to run 90 minutes 3 times a week at a very easy pace. ie just faster than walking pace. do NOT practice running fast as that causes too much damage to your body which is hard to repair.

9. You get most of your energy from sugar and therefore you should cut out things like protein and complex carbohydrates from your diet. Most top runners have NO fat in their diet, cut all that out too. Focus on sugars. Remember a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play? They said it because it was true.

10. The best times to train are the 2 days before your race or parkrun. Training on these days significantly boots muscle memory so, come Parkrun-Saturday, you will not have forgotten how to run.

Any other top tips? Share below

Please IF IN ANY DOUBT this is all tongue-in-cheek!!!! Start on my home page for some proper running advice.

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