Likey, Likey … Polar FT60

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This is sweet!

We love the new Polar FT60 . As you can see the display is very in-vogue, angular looking and perhaps more importantly to the stats obsessed purist….the screen are is quite big. Lots of easy-to-read information.

It has some nice colours too! Even in black if purple is too much for you.

It’s not cheap but I reckon you might just be able to find one on Amazon for under £100 if you are lucky, if not then at least somewhere close to that.

If you are looking at weight loss then heart rate based training is the way to go for most people. The FT60 does that and also builds in some nice features like Training Load to tell you when to have a rest day or when to have a hard day.

If you like Polar and are looking for more of a running watch that has GPS/pace/speed information then have a look at the new Polar RCX3. Super-sweet. Possible review later this year – to follow.


The manufacturer’s key points are listed below:

STAR Training Programme lets you select personalised fitness targets and then suggests different training times and intensities to maximise your results

Smart Calories lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned

Own Zone guides you to train at the right intensity

Fitness Test tells you exactly how your fitness is developing

Training Load helps you find the perfect balance between rest and training

Available now for RRP £149.50 in stores

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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