Box Hill: Cycling in Surrey

English: View from Juniper Bottom, Box Hill Lo...
English: View from Juniper Bottom, Box Hill Looking across the Surrey Hills from Box Hill National Trust nature reserve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Surrey Hills are turning into a cycling Mecca for The Lycra-men of London.

I was out there again last week for 5 hours of ‘fun’. There is some quite amazing scenery and hills to test us all. General road surfaces are a bit poor however and there is also often a need to get from A to B via some pretty nastily busy main roads. Like everywhere else motorised road users tend not to welcome cyclists to their domain.

So bringing us to Box Hill. EVERYONE goes there. It does have particularly nice views and a café at the top and a bike shop not far from the top and often a mobile cycle repair guy at the top. However it’s not that hard a hill really, I don’t know why everyone raves about it. Going down takes a fair while and you think that the way up will take ages but, for some reason, it never seems quite that bad. Maybe it’s the smooth road surface post-Olympics?

Anyway there is the feel-good factor of doing a non-trivial hill that everyone goes on about and not feeling that tired at the top.


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