5 ways to run 5k faster

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Fancy Dress Won’t Speed You Up.

If you want to run faster this coming weekend (Saturday) then training will not really help you so here’s what you should do.

1. Train as normal until Tuesday. Optionally, on Wednesday, do 5-10 short sprints of say 100m somewhere around the speed you want to race at on Saturday. On Thursday and Friday do not train.

2. Set a realistic goal and determine a tactic to achieve it. Eg get a better runner to pace you or use your GPS watch to race against a ‘course’ or against a fixed speed. Or use that watch to run at a constant pace, I use a Garmin 910XT.

3. Look up what a dynamic warm up is and use one on Saturday morning allowing plenty of time to do it, finishing your warm up 10 minutes before you start the race.

4. Eat lightly and normally on Friday. Stay FULLY hydrated ALL DAY Friday. On Saturday drink and eat as little as you can without feeling ill or risking throwing up or feeling thirsty. If you feel thirsty drink 500ml water. Absolutely do **NOT** “carb load”.

5. Your attitude and determination and aversion to pain will make at least 2% difference to your time, I reckon. So you have to adopt whatever mental strategy that works best for you to overcome that. Personally I know it’s going to hurt and I prepare myself to live with that and visualise the glory at the end (maybe!)

A more detailed look at this subject is discussed <here> where I look at 40-odd ways to run 5k faster!  and there are various plans and other tips all over this blog.

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