parkrun SB – leading up to Hyde Park Tri

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The Grand Entrance to Hyde Park
The Grand Entrance to Hyde Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When is a PB not a PB? Answer: when it’s a SB. Season’s best.

I was happy with my 5k parkrun SB (the things you go for when PBs become ever harder to get) today. Better than what I had hoped for and also gave me some interesting metrics to input into the start of my 12 week triathlon plan leading up to my A race in Hyde Park in September.

The sprint at the end of a 5K always makes you feel like there is nothing left in the tank but the reality is that we all often slack a bit on the way around – especially on windy ish days like today.

Both today and some fast cycling a couple of weeks back got me to re-evaluate my LTHR (and hence training zones). It seems my heart has got more efficient – shame about the rest of my body. That’s what all those long miles do I guess.

So I can tinker a bit with my HR zones which will mean my longer runs/rides are a tad faster. As my 5k time is down then my faster interval times will also drop correspondingly in training – for a while 😉


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