New Mizuno Waverider 16…even better? Possible?

Mizuno Waverider 16 - Energy Efficient

Mizuno Waverider 16 – Energy Efficient

I’ve never been one for sticking with a particular brand of sporting footwear. However I made the exception with the Mizuno Waverider 15 which I loved. Soon after the cunningly number Waverider 16 hit the streets.

Love at first stride.

It is and was the best running shoe I’ve ever had. Perfect for those long runs … for me at any rate.

Anyway, now (apparently) they’ve gone and improved it. Not quite sure how but the blurb on their website has the strap line “Waverider 16 Energy Efficient“.

Does that mean a bit of marketing hype to follow the Adidas boost or is it really lighter, fast and smoother than ever before?

Well don’t ask me I haven’t got a pair yet. And My birthday isn’t or another month 🙁

Let me know your experiences…

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Very nice, I had a pair of the Waverider 15’s which I really liked. I have a feeling I’ll be back in Mazunos soon.


I found the 16s better but prob because I got a half size smaller which seemed to fit me better