Triathlon & Duathlon – top End Gear WASTE OF MONEY!

English: Golf ball.

English: Golf ball.

Rear: Zipp 900 Tubular Disc Wheel

Front: HED H3D 650

The Zipp has dimples like a golf ball, the HED is even faster than other HED wheels at more angles of YAW (etc etc Blurb Blurb). Both are £1000+++ each; perhaps not state of the art but probably better than the kit you currently have. Certainly better than mine

Unfortunately they will make little or no difference to your time

I recently did a 20 mile PB on my TT bike with my ‘race’ setup. I changed my current wheels (approx. £500 each) for the new setup as above and a few days later re-did the 20 mile course. Very similar conditions and very similar state of fatigue, hydration, nutrition and general race prep.

Throughout the course my bike certainly felt faster. Unfortunately the time at the end wasn’t…11 seconds slower. My HRav was 2 beats lower, however, and I think I could have gone just a bit faster. Maybe I could have beaten my PB by 10-15 seconds at best, that’s how I felt.

I’m sure the manufacturer tests will prove me wrong at the margins but I’m going to save my money for a nice holiday rather than a new set of wheels that will just look quite a bit nicer.

Just to be clear: Good race wheels WILL make a big difference over bog-standard wheels. However I’m really not so sure that ‘excellent’ wheels will be that much better than ‘good’ wheels.

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Chris Collins

So I’m going to disagree on this one. Making a like for like comparison isn’t going to cut it. Simply looking at numbers on a monitor, unless you’re being tested in a tunnel hooked up to everything, its going to be pretty meaningless.

However, I would say take the wheels for a month and go play. Compare your average speeds over all of those rides and compare to your previous activities. I’ll wager an e-dollar (given I’ve never met you, know where you live etc.. 🙂 ) that you’ll be generally faster on your aero wheels.