Hyde Park 2013 Tri Roundup

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That’s it for me. Triathlon and duathlon season is finished. I’m hanging up my racing wetsuit and I only have one or maybe two more open water swims this month as it’s getting too chilly for me. And yes I know there are still duathlons to be had this year but I need a rest from lots of hard training.

Well I’ve heard quite a few negatives following the Hyde Park races…to be honest I thought it was all pretty well organised. Much better than many other events I’ve been to. & when you consider the number of races and volume of competitors that took part it makes the organisation all the more amazing, if you ask me. There certainly were some registration issues but that is not unique to Hyde Park.

I was watching closely the marshalling in transition. Even in the busier events it was great. the direction to competitors was second to none and the obvious complexity of what was going on in terms of the whole event made me realise that someone had given all of the marshalling a great deal of thought.

Anyway turning to me. Well I’m not a good enough swimmer to win a AG medal so  I had no illusions going into the race. My run training has been significantly set back by injury and other issues. But I’ve got pretty tasty on two wheels even if I may say so myself!!!

I was delighted with a middle of the field finish. My best ever swim and best ever 5k in a triathlon. I compared myself to some other competitors on the bike and, even though I thought I gave it all, I still lacked a bit. Can’t quite figure that out maybe I had some post swim hangover (didn’t feel like it).

So a great finish for the season. At the end of 2012 I think I would have hoped for a bit better but considering where I was a few months ago I would definitely have taken the result at the time. We can always do better though. I wish I had pushed the 5k a bit more as there was still a bit in the tank and I would have gained a place.

Oh well.

Right. Back to running. 3 months to get a proper 5k PB in2013!!




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