Pre-Release Info For the Polar Loop Bluetooth Wristband

Pre-Release Preview: Polar Announces Plan to Launch “Polar Loop

This is a rather cool looking activity wrist band. It’s not for the training of elite athletes but rather your everyday Jo and what he/she does all day. It discerns different levels and types of activity (can link to a HR monitor) and prompts you to move more or rest more accordingly.

So it’ll tell you that watching TV isn’t enough but maybe that housework is quite hard. Maybe you are a bit older then this sort of thing could greatly improve the quality of your life based on small changes to lifestyle. Maybe the parent buys it for the sedentary kids to prove a point in the guise of a cool wristband?

The Polar Loop seems to me to be a good idea. The market is potentially huge (unlike for some of the watches that us athletes have). It would be a much better present than gym membership this Christmas. the automatic/interactive nature of these devices seems to be where the market is going as does the focus on stuff that looks better. Let’s face it, many of the new watches that are coming out are near identical in function to those of 15 years ago. this moves us on a notch or two.

It’ll probably come in at between £70 and £100 I reckon. And at that price I could buy one for my least active child or for my even less active mother. I’d even be quite interested to see how inactive I am when I’m not training as I go from being stationary for hours to moving like a demon for an hour or two and then back to a stop. Am I really that inactive when not training? Maybe. This’ll tell me.

There will be no doubt an android-iphone-ipad app or two that goes with it and/or an online freebie from Polar to digest all the stats.

Manufacturer Blurb:

Launching in the UK in early 2014, Polar have unveiled plans to bring out a stylish activity tracker in the form of a smart bracelet which tracks daily activity and exercise levels. Pairing with a free online service and app, Polar Loop uses your data to suggest how you can make small changes in your daily lifestyle to improve health and wellbeing.

Created for people seeking a more active and balanced lifestyle, Polar Loop shows information about your activity goal, what you need to do to achieve it, calories and steps, all in one fashionable design you can wear 24 hours a day.

Polar Loop is the only activity tracker that:

  • Accurately tracks five different levels of activity
  • Provides guidance on how to complete your day’s activity target, updating during the day
  • Alerts users, through a friendly message on their phone, when they have been still for too long
  • Intelligently measures your activity, taking account of your gender and age which is compared to the globally recognised physical activity guidelines from the World Health Organization
  • Provides daily, weekly and monthly views of activity levels at the different levels of intensity in the free online service and app
  • First product to combine activity monitoring with heart rate, by adding an optional heart rate sensor
  • Can go with you everywhere – work, in bed, out on the town, and also in the swimming pool
  • Add more intense workouts, by connecting Polar Loop with Polar’s H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors

Polar Loop is just one part of a larger Smart Coaching system designed to guide and motivate you towards a more active lifestyle. An app for iPhone and Android will be available for free when Polar Loop launches.

A smart web service, Polar Flow ( will also be available on launch, which provides daily, weekly and monthly summaries of your activity and smart guidance on how you can improve your long-term health levels by making small changes in daily activity.

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