Because I didn't do it todayYou can probably tell someone’s age, sex and family status by their ability to swear ‘appropriately’.


There you have it. My reaction to today’s cycling effort. I’ve not had the world’s best year but I have managed a few PBs at various things. Probably more than I deserve. However my 60 minute cycling (road) challenge has been standing for quite a while. I’ve not really attempted to beat it since it was set, I think, back in 2011 at the peak of my multi sport powers. Of course since then my ‘cycling powers’ have supposedly improved.

So PB on the cards?

Last night’s wine and beer preparation was obviously less than ideal but I did my best to hydrate my way out of that one. Almost 24 hours later for the PB attempt and I hoped for the best, helped by good wind and temperature and traffic conditions.

Probably I’ve got slightly better kit and riding position since then as well ?!

It all seemed to go quite well at the tim. The hills seemed easier and the downhill bits were all into the wind, suits me.

Anyway I was about 1% off. I was happy with the effort but mainly because I got the minutes confused! I was comparing my effort to the wrong time 🙁 . Idiot.

I’d assumed my zones have improved and thought I was on threshold but in reality I wasn’t. (Note to self: do your zones properly). What that means is I didn’t try hard enough. It all turned into a glorified tempo ride in the end. A great training session of course but that was not the intention. I don’t like riding that consistently hard for so long but I handled it quite well psychologically, which is good for me, but again probably because I wasn’t trying hard enough.

So: answers on a postcard. How old am I? Am I male or female and am I married with kids? 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend.

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  1. Ah Chris you know me too well. You’ve seen me on that pink framed bike too many times!! Having said that (re rule #5) I did finish my last two races bleeding and no I didn’t catch my nails on something 😉

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