5K The David Beckham Effect & Ibruprofen – Running Injuries

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David Beckham Soccer
David Beckham Soccer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been doing a bit of research recently (talking with my physiotherapist and a nurse at A&E – so it must be true) and found that there are some things we should be aware of when ‘treating’ injuries with Nurofen/ibuprofen.

Apparently whilst ibuprofen does reduce swelling it also reduces the body’s ability to repair itself.


1. Do not have ibuprofen in the evening/night, it restricts the body’s ‘healing time’ overnight

2. Do not have ibuprofen within 72 hours of an injury.

So where does Mr Beckham come in? Well when he had his famous metatarsal injury he WAS treated with an ibuprofen-like substance. That subsequently stopped the healing and viola (spell check, not me) his forever-weak metatarsal. Apparently he tried to sue but no-one was at fault as there was no research. So, being the generally good chap that he appears to be, he paid for the research. So now we know.

Thank you Mr Beckham. When my Achiles flares up again I know what NOT to do.

Instead take paracetamol (http://www.patient.co.uk/medicine/Paracetamol.htm)

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