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A duathlon can be another personal challenge, it can be a chance for representing your country at Age Group level or Elite level.

It’s a physically harder sport than triathlon, although technically easier, and it represents a good chance for a good single-sport athlete to put in a bit of training and do very well.

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There are duathlon training plans on this website; free ones, have a look and enjoy. Read on if you want something more personalised…

The previously mentioned plans are generic. They will all work, to a degree. Let’s face it pretty much ANY training will help you..a bit.

Duathlon Coaching will help you by tailoring a plan to your personal circumstances.

What if you are much better at one particular discipline? A generic plan will be unlikely to handle that. What if you don’t understand something? Who do you ask? & how long will it take to get an answer? What if you are an ‘advanced’ athlete? Most generic plans really don’t cater for the more able amongst us. What if you have specific time constraints in your life? A coach can specifically plan around that. What if you want some degree of interaction? What if you live in a hilly area or have a hilly race? How would a generic plan handle that? Maybe you just want someone to bounce training ideas off; if you are not a member of a Triathlon club then training can get lonely sometimes.

What if you REALLY want to qualify for an Age Group final next year and every %age point of improvement will make a tangible difference to your chances of qualification? Again personalisation will improve your chances.

What if you think it’s expensive? I’ll charge you less per week than you last spent on a tyre. Well, less than you SHOULD have paid on a tyre AND I will make you faster than that tyre made you…

Anyway, we all have our different reasons.

Anatomy-of-cycling-leg-musclesWhy me? There are good coaches and OK coaches. You could find a Level 2 BTF coach who is basically ‘just a parent of a junior triathlete’ and who him/herself has never achieved anything in the sport other than finishing local races.

They could tell you to do 6x 5 minute bike intervals at 130% of FTP with 2 minutes recovery. I wouldn’t tell you to do that because I KNOW from experience that you can’t do it – because I know that I can’t do that. They could tell you to do a parkrun at a race effort every week. I wouldn’t tell you to do that because there are better ways. They could tell you to get the miles in. With caveats, I generally wouldn’t do that because there are better ways, especially for shorter events and shorter training timescales.

I get a perverse sense of satisfaction from helping others to achieve their sporting goals. (Weird?). If I can’t really help you then I’ll tell you. I don’t do this for the money.

I coach runners and duathletes. I have successfully coach(ed) male, female, UK and non-UK athletes to achieve their personal goals – from sub 20 5k finishers to top 10 ITU & ETU AG finishers.

Ask me about personalised Duathlon Coaching by clicking here now. I won’t bite.

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