Cycling In Tri- or Duathlon – How high is YOUR seat?

Physics Lesson
Physics Lesson (Photo credit: Roger Smith)

How high is your seat?

You seat should be 109% of your inside leg measurement. Well at least that’s true to maximise power output. But as you are doing your triathlon and duathlons in the aero position AND trying to OPTIMISE power output then this is may not be for you.

Change your seat to 108% or 110% and you lose 1% of power. That could be a few 10s of seconds over an hour. So not too much to worry about maybe.


For endurance events (that’s us!!) it needs to be between 105% and 107% MINIMISE OXYGEN CONSUMPTION.

So, go on, check out what your bike fit was. If it’s below 104% or above 108% you might want to ask them why. I would ask them rather than changing it and hoping and investing months of training based on a mini-article by me!

Make sure you get your measurement right and consider the aero position (which I haven’t talked about) and consider the importance of comfort, especially for longer rides.

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