Sport England: Strange Interpretation? Or is it me?

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Funding, blah blah blah, elite sports (tennis, generally, yes I do play) those with loads of money, football (yes I do play) blah blah. Jobs for the boys (no I haven’t got one) etc etc.

Now if you look on the BBC there is a whole article about the following table. Yet, and I’m probably really really stupid, not once was triathlon mentioned. And yet (call me stupid) but my interpretation of the table is that triathlon has probably changed the participation levels by a lot and also cycling also just by itself.

Apr2012-Apr2013 Oct2012-Oct2013 Change

Source: Sport   England’s Active People Survey

Swimming 2.88m 2.93m Increase
Athletics 1.95m 2.02m Increase
Cycling 1.86m 2m Increase
Football 1.94m 1.84m Decrease
Golf 771,000 751,000 Decrease
Tennis 423,400 400,600 Decrease
Squash 257,100 240,700 Decrease
Rugbyunion 166,000 159,600 Decrease
Boxing 149,7000 154,800 Increase
Cricket 189,000 148,300 Decrease



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3 thoughts on “Sport England: Strange Interpretation? Or is it me?

  1. Selfishness on the rise? Individual sports thrive and team sports suffer (even squash and tennis you have to have a partner to even train!) What does this say about the state of our society?

    1. Hmm good point.

      Swimming can be quite sociable if you are in a club and chat at each end. We have running partners to run with and cycling can be in groups.

      But your point still stands of course.

      1. You’re right, the individual sports can be done socially. I wonder if the implication is that people are too busy to commit to team or partner sports: might have to work late, or have to look after the kids, so cannot promise to be available, which makes arranging matches impossible? With running, if you make it to club training, great! If not, you can still do it during your lunch hour.

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