Review of Mizuno Waverider 17


Acid Test: Would I buy another pair if stolen?

Answer: Yes.

Mid Jan 2014 and my new Mizuno Waverider 17s arrived on the doorstep and I duly signed for them. Within seconds this newly awaited package was ripped open and I admired the beauty of the new Waverider in the Spartan conditions of my hallway. Nice.

A great choice these white ones. I do think they look nice but obviously they are going to get filthy dirty within a week; I’m never sure with running if that is the right ‘macho-running’ thing to do.

First things first. I like the aesthetics. The shoe looks as well made as the previous incarnation. Very similar really. Well similar until you look at the sole which certainly IS different. Some may say lurid.

My first run with these felt much more grippy. That’s good I reckon. Maybe it was the new sole design or maybe I was used to shoes where there was a degree of wear to the sole and hence some lost slippiness because of continued use?

Mizuno Corp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sent off for the same size as my 16s. They feel a tad bigger however and maybe I could have gone a half size smaller. I like fairly tight fitting shoes. on the whole – even for 2 hour runs. Still they are fine and with a slightly thicker sock there is no material difference to the 16. I only mention this as maybe you might be wise to try out a pair before assuming they are the same size as last year’s model.

You can read the technical specs and manufacturer’s feature/benefits (here). And below is a Mizuno video.


Here is some Mizuno blurb: “Wave Rider 17 has been refreshed from heel to toe — cushioned and comfortable yet light and fast. Mizuno’s new midsole material U4iC, introduced last season, is 30 per cent lighter than AP+, yet it retains the same characteristics of ride, cushioning and comfort that you’ve come to expect from Mizuno running shoes — and weighs in at a performance-enhancing 250g.”

Right, i’ve now returned from two runs with these. The first on my own for over an hour on muddy tracks and wet paths. The second was with one of my coachees who is currently PBing under 30 minutes for 10k, he insisted and tried them on and loved them and then pretended to run off with them. hah hah!

Firstly I noticed that feel lighter than the 16s and the stats say that they are 30g or so lighter because of a new midsole construction. I guess I’m not really interested in the  technicalities of the new construction but the reduced weight will help. OK, so these will never be race shoes unless I do a HM but that weight loss is going to help in some of the faster interval sessions.

I found the shoes very supportive and stable. They seem more cushioned than all my existing shoes but that is likely because they are newer.

Over some extended fast intervals the fit and comfort and energy return was as good as any other.

For my type of training these are ideal. I run mid-foot to fore-foot and these are fine for that. If you are a heel striker or regularly run >2 hours per session then my review won’t help you.

If you are looking for a birthday present for your nearest and dearest then you can’t go far wrong with this excellent shoe. At £100 a pair, or thereabouts – even on Amazon, they are not cheap but they are priced comparably to competing models.

Remember that Mizuno see themselves and position themselves as leading-edge innovators. Along with other brands I would say that they deserve that position. These ARE a great pair of shoes from a great manufacturer; the only caveat is that shoes are a personal thing so try them on first.

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