Mini Review TomTom Cardio Runner's Watch

TomTom Cardio
TomTom Cardio

The TomTom Cardio is a neat, new runner’s watch. The features of running watches these days have pretty much become standardised across many brands, with various features either being adopted or not by new technologies. there is little ‘new’ stuff out there.

HOWEVER more recently wrist based heart rate measuring has come onto the scene. The TomTom CARDIO is one of these. All you need is the watch. It has built-in GPS and optical HRM (heart rate monitoring).

It supports some Bluetooth sensors and outputs via Bluetooth as well. It does not support ANT+ sensors.

It can be used as a day-to-day watch and has per-second recording.

The HR is accurate up to medium-intensity levels of training (160ish bpm). Above that the readings are suspect on some people…but not on others.

The GPS distance accuracy is very good – to within 1% of other watches. And who knows which is correct!!

So you can train by HR or by PACE…pretty much what you need really. You create laps by tapping it – sorted.

It has a PC app and an Android app is to follow later in Sept 2014. Apparently you can export data out in other format but I never tested that.

It’s probably not as feature-full as the Polar M400 nor does it have the M400’s level of smartphone notifications or activity tracking. But it has one thing that Polar’s M400 does not…optical HR.

Why would you buy it?

It’s got pretty much most things most runners will need straight out of the box and all on your wrist. No nasty chest strap…so great for women (men too!). It looks fine and at just over £160 (Jun 2015) it is sensibly priced for GPS+Optical HR.

I like it.

Price Comparison

Watches Comparison July 7th 2015 Amazon UK Amazon2 USA
Adidas MiCoach Smart Run £209.99 Link $188.00 Link
BRYTON 60H / S430 £174.90 Link $199.00 Link
Epson SF-810 £201.08 Link $506.06 Link
Epson SF-710 £151.14 Link $297.91 Link
Epson SF-510 £140.63 Link $269.10 Link
Epson SF-310 £109.99 Link $208.11 Link
Fitbit Charge HR £105.00 Link $149.95 Link
Garmin Edge 1000 £390.84 Link $599.99 Link
Garmin Edge 520 TBC TBC
Garmin Edge 510 £249.36 Link $304.95 Link
Garmin Edge 810 £223.33 Link $394.95 Link
Garmin Edge 25 £139.99 Link $169.99 Link
Garmin Edge 20 £109.99 Link $129.99 Link
Garmin Epix £344.45 Link $549.99 Link
Garmin Fenix3 (Sapphire) £385.00 Link $589.95 Link
Garmin Forerunner 220 £158.09 Link $236.99 Link
Garmin Forerunner 620 £248.24 Link $388.28 Link
Garmin Forerunner 630 TBC
Garmin 910 XT £232.49 Link $318.11 Link
Garmin 920 XT £302.65 Link $483.00 Link
Garmin VivoActive £199.10 Link $244.95 Link
Mio Alpha 2 £117.71 Link $199.00 Link
Nike+ SportWatch £179.99 Link $149.89 Link
Polar M400 £119.95 Link $229.95 Link
Polar V800 £266.95 Link $308.49 Link
Suunto Ambit 3 PEAK £277.51 Link $381.10 Link
Suunto Ambit 3 Sport £194.95 Link $319.95 Link
Suunto Ambit 2R £151.64 Link $167.16 Link
TomTom MultiSport £148.58 Link $148.44 Link
TomTom MultiSport Cardio £179.99 Link $246.99 Link
TomTom Runner £89.99 Link $99.99 Link
TomTom Runner Cardio £161.99 Link $199.99 Link


TomTom’s take on training by HR

Treadmill Running (non cardio version otherwise same)

Using Graphical Training Partner (non cardio version otherwise same)

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