Winter Training

Cadence and Speed

Cadence and Speed (Photo credit: timtak)

It’s winter! & you are not racing (probably).

What do you need to work on?

1. Firstly is your endurance base. That’s HR Zone 2. Maybe about half of your training time in this zone. Applies to bike and run. The other half of your training would be a bit easier than that or a bit harder ie Z1 or Z3.

2. Power. Do hills and weights; core or pilates or yoga if you want. Applies to bike and run.

3. Skills. Higher cadence work on the bike. Plyometrics for running. Drills ‘n’ skills. Get more efficient.

Simple, but maybe a bit boring.

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Red Hen

Thanks for this. Would yoga actually be enough to substitute for core exercise, do you think?

As always, a very informative post.


There are a wide variety of yoga types. I don’t profess to know them all. The ones I have done (can’t remember the name) were quite strenuous and very good; I would have thought that pilates was more focussed on core.

Red Hen

Yeah, darn. Kinda think my type of yoga is too lazy. Oh well. I was doing okay on Greg McMillan core exercise regime. Might try that again. Thank you for your very prompt response!


I have a friend who are playing parkour. But it is also doing pilates. To gain more energy and air. Best way to combo that two.

Race Leader

sure, why not.
pilates=core strength. parkour must help explosive / strength type movements.