Tip 2./50 : Get a 5K PB *NOW* #howtogeta5kpb

5K running PB tips
5K running PB tips

Tip 2/50. **X Warm up properly on the day as if you pull something you won’t get a PB. Get a few race pace strides in that warm up. Personally, I don’t jog a mile to get there…I cycle or drive. The consensus view these days that any stretching you do before a race should be ‘dynamic’. Look at track cyclist between races. They stay ‘warm’ by using stationary trainers for a reason – simplistically the muscles are pumped full of blood right from the start and are ‘ready to go’. Jogging to the start might actually be a good idea.

All the suggestions are starred:

*** 3 stars. IMHO it will work

** 2 stars. It might work

* 1 star. Can’t hurt

X 1 cross. It CAN hurt if done wrong.

All 50 tips are shown here as a series of posts : https://the5krunner.com/tag/how-to-get-a-5k-pb/ or on twitter using #howtogeta5kpb. They are all SHORT-TERM tips that will work in the next week or so with varying degrees of success.

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