What is the hardest parkrun

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Wythenshawe Parkrun, 13/08/24
Wythenshawe Parkrun, 13/08/24 (Photo credit: dj12lee)

What is the hardest parkrun then?

The hardest one that I’ve done myself is RICHMOND PARK. It’s only really hard because of the two hills towards the end; maybe exposure to a bit of wind as well as a few hundred metres on grass. You won’t get a PB there unless it’s the only one you do. It’s typically reckoned to be 30 seconds slower than what your PB shuold be.

Any others?, Anyone?

3 years on and we can answer a bit more scientifically:



parkrun : difficulty ratings, adjusted times for toughest / hardest / easiest courses


parkrun : Hardest & Easiest Courses in UK | course difficulty


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Pomphrey Hill (by experience) and Yeovil Montacute (by reputation) are pretty tough


Dewsbury is hilly

Chris Cowell

BARNSLEY has not got any flat terrain anywhere IIRC ! ASHTON COURT is a testing 2.5K up, then a knee-threatening 2.5K down and climbs 110M. YORK, OTOH, is psychologically tough as you can see the whole 5K to do at all times !