New British Flag without Scotland

New British Flag Without Scotland In The Union
New British Flag Without Scotland In The Union

I’ve just bought some stickers for my bike and helmet. do them but I bought mine from somewhere else (more expensive, sigh). It’s probably a bit naff but my rationale was that maybe it might make my bike less stealable. Well that and the fact that it is held together by electricians insulating tape!

Then I though what if Scotland leave the United Kingdom? We’ll hardly be UNITED anymore and, in fact, probably GREAT is a bit too pompous as well. So we are left with Britain. Or perhaps Britain and Northern Ireland. Remember Northern Ireland is NOT BRITISH. As we are currently in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (well that’s what my passport says anyway).

So then we need a new flag right? That blue bit has to go surely? It does look OK now in all its multi-coloured splendour but the blue bit comes from the Scottish flag.

So the English and Welsh and NI flags will obviously stay as-is (as-are?). What about New Britain? I searched the internet and found some pretty gaudy flag suggestions. So I made my own and there, you’ve seen it.

Red, white and blue always sounds quite good. But red, white and green…I don’t think so. So the green has to go for aesthetic (not national) reasons. So then it becomes the red, white and … ahem. Still looking at the winter Olympics there were a lot of red and white (only) flagged countries who did rather well. Those that had 3 colours often had red white and blue.

Wales and NI certainly deserve some prominence for sticking with the English. And Wales is in the bottom left part of the British Isles (sort of)

And then I will need some new stickers…which I bought for the purpose of not being easy to remove. Double sigh.

Oh well, they won’t vote to leave anyway.

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2 thoughts on “New British Flag without Scotland

  1. Ha ha! I don’t think it will happen either. As a Scot living in England, I like the idea of having dual citizenship but I’m not sure how I would cope with having two passports when I can’t even find my current one! 😉

    1. I’ve given it a bit more thought. And I mean a tiny bit. What about ‘New Britain’ or ‘Lesser Britain’ or just Britain. What about the welsh dragon as I put above BUT what also about putting a lion on there as well in one of the squares? could be blue (for red white and blue) or could more likely be some royal gold type thing. red white and gold (red, white and yellow…hmmm). cool (ish). I’ve also seen another flag somewhere on the net where the flag was similar to what I did but the dragon was in the middle. It looked nice but I don’t think that wales can be held as being central to the remainder of the union. and my bottom left dragon is vaguely geographically similar to the relative position of wales to England,

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