Tip 36 of 50 : Get a 5K PB *NOW* #howtogeta5kpb

5K running PB tips
5K running PB tips

***X Look at ‘proper’ tapers especially if you are of a ‘reasonable’ standard. Short bits of speedwork leading up to the big day BUT AT THE RIGHT TIME AND FOR THE RIGHT DURATION/INTENSITY will help you stay fresh but don’t get it wrong. Scientists say that a proper one week taper will make you go 22% faster than a 1 week total abstinence taper…that’s a lot but is it true? Although note that in ‘proper’ tapers not much is done on the last 3 days so the 3 day abstinence taper is easiest to follow for very minimal performance opportunity-loss IMHO.

Bear I mind that virtually nothing you can do for 10-14 days leading up to a race will make you fitter. What you do in that time period will ONLY make you faster in the sense that it will maintain some of your fitness BUT will decrease your fatigue PROPORTIONATELY MORE.

All the suggestions are starred:

*** 3 stars. IMHO it will work

** 2 stars. It might work

* 1 star. Can’t hurt

X 1 cross. It CAN hurt if done wrong.

All 50 tips are shown here as a series of posts : https://the5krunner.com/tag/how-to-get-a-5k-pb/ or on twitter using #howtogeta5kpb. They are all SHORT-TERM tips that will work in the next week or so with varying degrees of success.

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