Training Done

Well that’s it.

I have had a great run of training from Christmas to today. I have a few niggles but compared to last year all is good. Training was good on the whole. Didn’t quite hit the speed on some of the harder sessions but not far off. Cycling is at a peak as is swimming…not so the 5Ks. All my trusted stats say very good things. I’m not as fast as I was over 5k but hopefully fast enough..was doing some short intervals today, very fast for the relative lack of perceived effort. We’ll see, your body can do amazingly unexpected things after a decent taper.

With important duathlons beckoning I’ve resigned myself to being the ‘prat in the carpark’ who has his turbo trainer. So if you ever wondered who I was … now is your chance to find out. Hang out around duathlon car parks. That’s my new ‘edge’ for 2014…proper warming up. I think I have nailed all the taper and race day nutrition in years gone by so it’s always good to find a new angle.

Had my last beer tonight for a while (I don’t take myself THAT seriously)

Let’s do it.

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