Race Lesson Learnt

English: The Human Race triathlon - the end Th...
English: The Human Race triathlon – the end This is the finish line. “Why do all these humans keep running around? It makes me so tired just watching them”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Race season is well and truly upon us. I had a reasonably good race last weekend. But ignoring that the point of this post is about race prep.

I always take the kitchen sink to races. A car full of rubbish I never use (just like the first time you did a triathlon).

Anyway. Now I know why. Stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere I read in detail the race instructions for the next day. For a specific reason, that I won’t go into, my race plan was flawed. A piece of kit was going to cause me problems. So I had to change it. Luckily I had the ‘alternative’ that I needed. Phew. This involved an hour of faffing around with cleats and shoes and pedals. Best done at midnight than 30 minutes before the race.

Then I tried on my tri-suit for the first time this year. I think sweat had ‘frozen’ the zip. My tri-suit is tight at the best of times and I had visions of breaking it as I forced the zip. As it turned out it was OK. Anyway, the point is I had a spare set of kit. Not another tri suit but an alternative. So I would have been OK.

The I thought I’d go for a quick test on the turbo trainer I’d brought. Oops the faffing around with shoes (above) meant I needed to change the cleats. Again best to get to bed a bit late rather than stressing out in the morning.

Sorted. Prepare well and conservatively. It’ll make a difference ONE DAY.

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