910XT – Secret Menus – Turn on HRV

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How To Record HRV Data from The 910XT

Enable RR recording

Turn on the FR910XT. Press ‘Menu’ to go into the menu screen. Press UP then DOWN and repeat 10 times. You will enter the “diagnostic menu”. Select and change HRV on the top right hand side. HRV Enabled…cool! This drains the battery a bit faster than normal but does not particularly affect the .FIT file size too much.

How To Analyze HRV Data from The 910XT


Use SportTracks. Use FirstBeat.

Alternatively consider looking at your HRV with an app like BioForceHRV.


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Hi, trial Firstbeat Athlete does not work with Garmin Express, need to downgrade back to ANT+ Agent prevents me from spending more time on it for now.


Firstly, thanks for the tip. I enjoy trying out this hidden functionality. I enabled this feature and I’m not sure if it is ready for prime time. Perhaps the 910xt doesn’t have the horsepower to collect the additional data? I can’t be 100% sure that enabling HRV was the cause of some weird behavior, but I’m suspicious of it, since it started occurring around the same time. Anyone else? Since enabling HRV, this is what I’ve noticed… 1) On some runs (not all), the HR is reading much higher than I feel it should be. For instance, I’m easy running in zone 1, and it’s displaying zone 3+. My perceived effort and breathing are very different in zone 1 compared with zone 3+, so I don’t trust the data on my watch. 2) I’ve experienced bad data being uploaded to the computer. Garmin Connect refuses to upload the file, and I’ve tried manual upload methods too. This has never happened before. 3) From an openwater swim, I see weird values being displayed. For instance, notice the “:0-43.0” beside Split 8. These values have shown up in several of the splits. Split Time Distance Avg Pace 7 1:31.3 0.10 15:12 8… Read more »

tfk, the5krunner

hi matt, thanks for the comment, these problems are not caused by the HRV IMHO. For example how can swim be affected when that doesn’t even use HR? I have HRV on all the time (every day) and there are no issues except slower upload times to garmin connect. I think the hard reset and delete all your history are the way to go for you first, also a new battery or strap could help (HRM3 or HRM4). good luck with the challenge race


I really appreciated your suggestions, but I would like to know how to analyze the FIT data. So far I have only used HRV by Kubios, which is quite complex.
So, how to use sport tracks & First Beat, should I buy them?

Second question: how to represent HRVindex & RMSSD? is there any easy way to correlate HRVindex with the level of training?


tfk, the5krunner

what are you trying to achieve?
look at ithlete and bioforcehrv as a starter for a simple morning HRV
firstbeat analyses hrv. in the simple athlete version there is some METmax analysis but the stuff in training load seems as good on the whole. sporttracks and firstbeath athlete are essentially free on one level so try those first.
I think the firstbeat pro version (probably expensive, not used it) does much more detailed hrv analysis


what is HRV?

tfk, the5krunner

heart rate variability – http://the5krunner.wordpress.com/home/2014-bioforcehrv-review-r-r-and-hrv-analysis-software/
but i see you have read my page on that. thank you for those additional comments