Should Triathlon be in the Olympics?

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Interesting article. Here is my one on a similar vein Your point about the Olympic triathlon being effectively an aquathlon is interesting. I sort of agree but there were certainly team orders for team GB where Hays was the lead cyclist getting Brownlees to the run in the front. There’s also the ‘fact’ that the first out of the water ‘never’ wins (drafting?? in swim a factor). Maybe you should argue that it should just be a 10k race….but then Mo Farah would win. The drafting line is also interesting; if it were made like an AG event ie a time trial then it would be a fair reflection of multisport ability…but it would make rubbish TV viewing AND women’s final aside it’s fairly boring to watch anyway 🙂 great article tho, liked it and very thought provoking…excuse my not fully thought through response

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