910XT Shortcut keys, hotkeys and tips / tricks

Garmin Forerunner 920XT - Same look and feel?
Garmin Forerunner 910XT.

OK. So you’ve already seen the special ‘secret’ menu for turning on HRV?

And you’ve seen the futures review of the 920XT? Ah good, well read on and find out some of the more mundane stuff to enhance your 910XT experience.

1. Press and hold the mode button. Let’s you switch between sports.

2. Press Mode and arrow up/down to lock / unlock keys – avoids accidental presses.

3. Indoor use: Turn off GPS as soon as you turn the watch on and it tries to find satellites. When the ‘bars’ appear press ENTER and turn off GPS.

4. Gently press the power off button to turn on the light.

5. Current RUN PACE from GPS does not work and for some reason they can’t fix it. Buy a Garmin footpod and set that as the source of speed. As far as I know LAP pace still looks at the GPS…best of both worlds.

6. Duathlon/Triathlon with the watch on the inside of your wrist..means you can read it more easily on the bike.

7. I think also whacking the watch against your HR strap seems to add a lap….well at least mine beeps as if telling me not to do it again! Not sure if the lap actually appears.

8. HR Spikes: Properly wet your HRM strap OR buy a better HRM3 or HRM4 Garmin strap. A polar strap with your current Garmin pod is also a cheaper replacement idea. You might even try wrist based optical HR reading with the MIO Link.

9. GPS problems: Don’t run in tunnels and/or make sure you get a proper GPS fix before even thinking about pressing the start button.

10. Swim stroke recognition problems: Learn to swim better…sorry but it’s true! At least get firmware v3.00 or above, that will help too.

11. Multiple HR sensors found. This can be annoying if riding with mates with similar kit or if, like me, you are testing out various configurations simultaneously. You need to go to the HR sensor information and you can manually choose/set the current sensor ID…it will be something like 69250 ie for me it was a 5 digit number. It starts off with the current sensor ID. If that’s correct go up and down one number and choose it (again). Sorted.

12. If you think you have a fault then buy a cheap battery tester and test your sensors’ batteries. That can save you hours of waiting for forum or support responses. My footpod batteries last about 300 hours and I’ve never bought a battery for my GSC10 in 3 years.

13. When you have finished an exercise press start/stop once to end the session. NOT lap/reset, don’t press that yet. 2 minutes later you will be told you recovery heart rate and the fall in beats from your exercise heart rate. Track that ‘recovery’ over time. NOW press and HOLD the LAP button to save and clear your session properly into the watch’s memory.

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