Polar V800 Thoughts Anyway in the absence of a review

Polar UPDATE: 22 May 2014: The V800 is now released

We’re still waiting for a soon-to-be-released Polar V800 to put through its paces. From the first pre-release info from last year it looked nice; real nice.

It has the potential to become the ‘leading’ triathlon/duathlon watch going head to head with the Garmin 910XT and the Garmin Fenix2 (new to 2014). The Suunto is there or thereabouts and for those on a budget the TomTom fits the bill. It needs, however, to get some market momentum (sales) behind it to compete with the Garmin 920XT, likely released pre-Christmas 2014.

Here are some more video thoughts if you have time to watch.

I don’t know why but I get excited by heart rate underwater. Mainly because it is ALMOST impossible (but not quite) to do it with ANT+ but my legacy Polar watches do it just fine (different frequency signal). The only problem with my old Polar watches is that the only way to get the data off the watch is by infrared or audible tone…my how things were changed for the better by wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth!!

Let’s see how it handles swim metrics. I don’t think it will match the Garmins on new bike (smoothness) and run metrics such as vertical oscillation (let’s see) although it has run cadence and stride length (hmmm).

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2 thoughts on “Polar V800 Thoughts Anyway in the absence of a review

  1. All is not what was once promised ans expected – according to DC Rainmaker.

    I have gone very lukewarm on it now.

    1. ty for the comment.
      we’ll find out soon. dc can only say what he is told by polar (or whoever) at the time. he won’t be given any truly confidential info as that would not please the investors/shareholders/analysts/markets.

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