PulseOn First Look

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PulseOn First Look

The PulseOn (Beta) unit arrived today. Here it is in the photo – nice!

It’s a minimal box, not as large as others. The most obvious reason being is that the heart rate functionality is built into the watch and so a bulky HR strap is not needed!

The watch (beta) is VERY well made. Lots of METAL (yep, metal) and hard-wearing looking dark glass. The strap is a white, flexible cloth-like material with a quality metal buckle. It comes across as a very well made unit.

There is a clip-on USB charger and data links are probably going to be via Bluetooth (it paired to my Samsung S3 easily enough)

The screen is held in a metal frame that you can just see in the photo. The ‘frame’ has a clever looking and aesthetically pleasing pivoting mechanism.

The watch itself (and display) is smaller than I had imagined. Nowhere near as bulky as my 910XT for example.

There are only two buttons – so simplicity of operation looks to be a goal.

The outside of the box said ‘powered by firstbeat’ … this is good news. Firstbeat are one of the preeminent HR/recovery type technologies and they power Garmins as well as providing their own online service..

I just have to install the app and get on with testing it now 🙂


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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