BTF Logo – needs updating ?

Is it my imagination or is the BTF logo a bit wrong? See below and my comments underneath and let me know what you think.715133f41b180759d50044856c6eab24_f53[1]

  • The swimmer seems to have a bent knee – quite bent
  • The cyclist has a far from horizontal back. Tho not too bad.
  • The runner seems to be: sitting down somewhat in his/her technique; has a very arched back; and is heel-striking well in front of the ‘centre-line’.

OK , it looks nice as it is and I know it’s stylised. But…..

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3 thoughts on “BTF Logo – needs updating ?

  1. It is dated and yes perhaps the stylised positions aren’t quite right. Always difficult to analyse a logo without knowing how valuable the visual is. I know for certain it wouldn’t make me connect with British Triathlon and is instantly forgettable.

    But I doubt British Triathlon would fancy hiring a brand designer to fix it – I’m sure they’ve got other things to spend their cash on 🙂 still I might write to them and ask if I can redesign it, now there’s a thought …

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