Rother Southport Nottingham (Big Cow) Sprint Tri Results 2014

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Rother Valley Lake
Rother Valley Lake (Photo credit: fishyfish_arcade)

The qualifiers for the 2015 ETU Geneva Sprint Triathlon are done and here are the results.

Except they aren’t done but I’ll come back to that! Anyway here are the results

1. Rother Valley Sprint Tri results ETU ITU 2014

2. Southport Marine Sprint Tri Results 2014

3. Notingham Sprint Triathlon Results ETU ITU 2014

4. Big Cow (September 2014 to follow) ETU 2014

So we all know it’s 4 slots and then rolldown! Not this year. Because of a clash with Kitzbuhl next week it was assumed that no-one there would want to compete at Rother and Southport (err…there were quite a few!!) and so an extra race was added at Big Cow Emberton MK in September as a 4th ETU qualifier.

so now it’s 4 lots of qualifiers with 3 (three) places at each and then 8 rolldown places (including any PQs). Except no rolldowns are allowed from Big Cow. confused? You will be!

As a result of this there are some now apparently amazingly high minimum qualifying standards in some of the main qualifying groups – remember it’s an ETU not an ITU. I had a glance through and did some sums and I reckon that sub 105% is required for very many roll downs. Relatively unheard of since London 2013.

It’s not quite as it seems though, the standards of the winners’ times at Southport appear a little lower, presumably as the top guys were going for an ITU place at Rother. Similarly if Nottingham was your race the ITU guys were there as well – high standards. So if you still have not got a place and you were at Nottingham or Rother then you are now faced with the uphill task of securing a top 3 place at Big Cow/Emberton in September against the top(ish) ETU guys from Kitzbuhl and probably many half decent locals and London lot up for an end of season tri. Good luck!



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All I can say is “yup, that about sums things up nicely”. I was 104% of Garry Walker, M35-39 winner at Nottingham… Oh but wait, the awesome Carl Shaw is 34, so I’m 109% for next year even though he’s not registered for Geneva. Ah, but Q2 from Nottingham is now PQ from Kitzbühel. Hmm, shucks, I’d still miss out on a Q by one place to another excellent 34 year old… And the roll-down percentages from Southrotherportvalley mean several who were behind at Nott’m now have better scores too. All exactly according to the rules mind, I knew what I was getting into. 🙂 So, I’ll take some of your offered good luck, a Big Cow throw-of-the-dice it is! 🙂

tfk, the5krunner

Southport results in a couple of the AGs I looked at were only 2% higher than Nottm.
I’m thinking of going to BigCow just to try to bagsy a better Q place, just ot make it even harder for some folks. I’m feeling mean 🙂
But you’ll probably get a rolldown place anyway. Who REALLY wants to go to Geneva?…no beaches



Never been there myself, but apparently ( we’re forgetting the Bains des Pâquis. No, doesn’t sound like a proper beach to me either. 🙂

Looks to me like the probable Q2 in my AG at RV with 101% was 110% at Nottingham, but maybe he just had a really different kind of day…

tfk, the5krunner

i’ll avoid following your link as it will undoubtedly lead to disappointment 🙂 .. yep you’re right about the Q’s – I looked more at what percentage people were getting who will get rolldown…obviously all these things depend on who turns up on the day. The GB champ who wins that by a minute or more can still easily be 105% in the Euros.

tfk, the5krunner

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why did I do it. I followed the link anyway and I AM disappointed.

tfk, the5krunner

PS there might be rolldowns at this space. But I’m not promising. I think there will be but only in special circumstances. ahem.