End of competition already ?

Well I’ve already done my triathlon and duathlon AG qualification, I think I will invest in a ZeroD suit as mine looks a bit tired now.

Source: humanrace.co.uk

I’m still not quite sure about the etiquette of when to wear one or not. I suspect that if everyone who had one wore one that many of the events would look like the European AG champs. Oh well, shows we’re proud as well as modest maybe.

Also I had my A race last weekend. Went well (thanks for asking). I PBd my swim and run (as part of a tri) and the two wheeled bit was pretty good too as I managed to stay on the tail of one of my target competitors (they were the super-5krunner and then promptly left me standing(ish) on the run.

Lots of positives as I had a really good taper (maybe the pre-taper peak was a little easy) and went into the race very refreshed. I paced myself how i did for medical and other reasons and it all worked out fine which was great. As a consequence I realised (too late) that I actually could have gone even faster. That’s always bad when you wished you HAD gone faster, but I was satisfied with what I did and therefore hopeful for better things to come.


Duathlon Training Plan
Duathlon Training Plan (humanrace.co.uk)

That was my last planned race and now I am looking to do something a bit different; maybe a longer tri; or a longer du; or a really long swim; or even maybe an aquathlon. The original plan was for a 5k PB this autumn but I’m still nto quite sure that I can get there in that time frame and that my legs can handle that level of training. We’ll see.


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