Busy Tri Training Day Today

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Swim Run and Bike….wrong order; wrong to do all 3 on the same day (probably).


I had an early lake-based 3k to wake me up. Failed miserably to hit a PB there.


Off to a parkrun on a glorious day; aiming to beat my time from a couple of weeks back. Still that was 30 seconds or so off my PB, should be do-able.


It wasn’t. I treid really hard. The heart said I did as well but the legs weren’t there. OK not ideal after a swim I know but my time from a couple of weeks back was set in the same circumstances. In fact the only difference was a VO2 bike session I did on Wednesday night ie two and a half days ago. That one session cost me a further 30 seconds.


So for the doubters of the correctness of tapering…you’re wrong. Extended periods of fast exercise are not what should be in a taper. I reckon such a session costs you 2-4% of your potential performance. See how much training you need to do to get that much faster. Much easier doing nothing.




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