Why it shouldn’t matter that you’re a vegetarian… And why it does.

does it really matter? I’ve been veggie for years. Gives people something to talk to me about who can’t either run , swim or cycle too well 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Why it shouldn’t matter that you’re a vegetarian… And why it does.

  1. It absolutely is great that anyone chooses that lifestyle – as long as they don’t expect that I’ll follow in those footsteps because that just isn’t going to happen. I’d shoot squirrels in my back yard before I gave up meat. Thanks for the reblog. 😉

  2. Wise words. If we apply them to all cultures and all walks of life then then we would instantly have the solution to world peace. ie tolerance of others beliefs 🙂

  3. Not sure of your motivation for reposting this item. Having read it and as a long standing vegetarian who does not advocate it as better than other diets, I am a little annoyed. It can give the impression that the writer is anti-vegetarian, a little vitriolic and I would suggest just as bad as the pro-vegetarian best diet crew. I do not advocate diets, I advocate a balanced intake of food. If no meat equals no balance then too much meat also equals no balance. If we believe the excessive breeding, feeding and slaughtering of animals is balance then I would suggest you don`t understand the economy of food in our world. How come the majority of the world`s population is vegetarian but not by choice. Answer – meat is expensive, it is primarily affordable by the richer people (including myself).
    The staple food of runners in Eithopia is maize. The world does not consist of America and Britain. We throw away a third of what we buy? (including meat). The issue of vegetarianism is not as simple as anti-meat.

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