Definition of a holiday

The DEFinition
The DEFinition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Definition of a holiday for the sports obsessives amongst you…


  1. Somewhere different you go to train for a week or so.
  2. Somewhere different you go which just happens to coincide with an important race that you’ve always wanted (planned) to do.
  3. An excuse to demand from your partner equal car space for all YOUR kit
  4. (Cynically) An Age Group triathlon/duathlon European final.
  5. Club La Santa (apparently)
  6. A period of time where extended travelling to/from another, usually warmer, place coincides exactly with your two recovery days.
  7. Ditto 6. But instead also coinciding with a race AND your taper.
  8. A time to force your sport onto either your friends and family for a day or so; before giving up and going back to doing what you normally do when ‘not on holiday’ (training).


I’m sure you guys have much better definitions. I need two more to make up the usual list of 10. Help appreciated 🙂


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1 thought on “Definition of a holiday

  1. ha ha, we use going to Madeira for Christmas and New Year as not only our WINTER SUN (which is what we tell everyone)… but our winter training ‘top-up’ three weeks of warm sun, fun sweating and trying to keep form… and boy do we use it!

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