Super hydration and triathlon recovery from osmo nutrition

OSMO Nutrition
OSMO Nutrition

I’ve had a couple of days with the new OSMO Sports products. My current trainingload is very high, mostly long distance easy or easy-ish stuff. I only mention that as I have therefore been sweating quite a bit. My lactate clearance is also pretty good at these levels and I can pretty well metabolise fat at these levels. So I need less carbs than in a race but probably still quite a LOT of water. As the long stuff is longer than I normally do then recovery is going to be an issue for me.

So I’ve been taking the in-exercise OSMO hydration product. MY slightly different training regime to normal might explain this: I seem to be consuming more liquid than I normally do, weeing less (well not at all, in exercise) and yet I still feel thirsty. This says to me that the OSMO product is working in the sense that it seems to be being absorbed better. There you go. Not a sports scientist explanation, just my take.

The post exercise recovery product seems to work fine. I definitely feel less fatigued when looking at my overall trainingload status at present. You might argue that it’s because the inensity is easier. Fair enough. I’m also comparing the OSMO to a normal/basic Whey Protein Isolate I’ve bee using for the last few months – the cheapest High5 one (so a good. clean brand). The one with no frills. Maybe the OSMO ‘frills’ help it work better. The OSMO is vanilla…I like chocolate, say no more !


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