pulseon app now out of beta and into the real world!

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PulseOn Beta
PulseOn Beta

A release candidate version of PulseOn Android application is now available. At the same time, our application is not anymore a beta version. We are live in Google Play Store! From now on you will easily find our app with basic search function in Play Store or by following link:



What is new in this RC 1 version (since beta v1.4)


  • Off-hand detection – device does not show heart rate when not worn in hand
  • Device off mode corrected – turning power off saves battery for long periods
  • Mandatory device software update – application forces update to matching device software
  • Loading event screen added on the application
  • Distance screen added on the device
  • Added languages: French, Spanish, German and Swedish
  • Added date and time in US format (mm/dd/yyyy and am/pm)
  • Fix for flashing LEDs when taking the device out of the charger
  • Bluetooth and synchronization fixes



Thank you very much for your support during our beta phase!

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