Garmin 920XT | Pre-Release Insight

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Triathlon Watch
Garmin Forerunner 920XT Triathlon Watch 

Here it is then. The Garmin 920XT. Here is a link to the Garmin 920XT specifications.

Sep 27: * More * Garmin 920XT image leaks at <this link> on this site BUT new and different content.

What’s new?

EDIT: The Garmin 920XT is now released.

I speculated on some of the features and the look and feel in my fantasy review here (note the words ‘fantasy’ and ‘speculated’).

NOW, however, there is leaked information on the net. That information could be deliberately leaked as part of a social media campaign to get us talking about it (in which case they’ve probably done a good job) or it could be an accident (or two). Anyway, in summary of the leaked information that I am aware of, here is what the 920XT appears to be (and this may not be correct but I believe it is):

  1. Ships early October 2014 in USA (presumably post-KONA c11 October). Maybe same in UK (A leading UK sportshop say mid- to end of October). Source: Comments from purchaser (below) & from a leading UK sportshop employee. Others suggest some athletes will wear them at KONA and then the unit will go on general sale in November. This ad (bottom of page on this link) HIGHLY suggests a KONA connection.
  2. USD450 (USD500 with HRM4) OR in the UK GBP390 (GBP420 with HRM4). Source: RDALZIEL & THOMASZ & GARMIN ONLINE SHOP
  3. It comes in black/blue (also red/white) Source: Garmin ONLINE Shop & POWER13 via Slowtwitch
  4. Optionally comes with the HRM4 (HRM-RUN) strap Source: GARMIN ONLINE SHOP
  5. Has Running Dynamics like the Forerunner 620 (vertical oscillation, cadence, ground contact time – which will require the HRM-RUN strap) Source: images here
  6. Looks broadly like the 910XT with a colour screen! Source: Images here
  7. The screen shows the regular numeric metrics but with alternate displays ie graphical/colour bars (as shown above) Source: Image here
  8. It is also an activity tracker able to count steps and the like. Source: POWER13 via slowtwitch & roadrunnersports
  9. Text/call notifications via your mobile phone using Bluetooth. Source: POWER13 via slowtwitch.
  10. More advanced recovery/fatigue/VO2/predictor metrics (Probably Firstbeat-based) Source: roadrunnersports
  11. Swim mode drills: Source: roadrunnersports
  12. All that the 910XT can do (hopefully) Source of point 12: Me & my furtive imagination

Source: Garmin Latvia from OME

If that’s all it can do I will be surprised. I expect more (if you read my ‘920XT fantasy’ review you will see that there are fairly obvious things that probably will be added later this year such as cycling dynamics – extrapolating from the current Garmin announcements to two months ahead is neither rocket science nor journalistic genius. Garmin usually releases their info on the INTO|SPORTS blog first but when you want a really detailed review then you will head over to this fantastic site

The following image leaks from are discussed more at this link <here>.

When I get my hands on one I will tell you more! AFAIK these units are not available in the UK but you might be lucky to find them online in the US eg roadrunnersports and apparently, below in the comments, some people claim to already have pre-ordered them.

Levi D. Comments Here On His YOUTUBE Channel EVOEXPRESS ::

Here’s another one from ICONOSQUARE users GOTOETOTOE & BOJANDJURIC

Garmin 920XT
Source: GOTOETOTOE via Iconosquare

NOTE: Just to be absolutely clear. I have not seen one of these. The information as far as I know is correct. Much of the information here has come from MULTIPLE SOURCES which appear to be consistent, including the images, ie from inadvertent or deliberate leaks: on the Garmin website shop; some ‘first-hand’ sightings in the US, a US online retailer called roadrunnersports (that has apparently been taking orders, you could certainly at one point add the product to your ‘cart’ on their site – I did it myself); and information from a major UK running shop employee who I spoke to myself. EVERY SINGLE online source (this post is NOT an original source) has been taken down and you can no longer see the original (there is therefore no point in me linking to them), so either the sites were told to take the product information down or the information was wrong. However multiple forums have ‘screen copies’ of, for example, the roadrunnersports page and the Garmin shop page which are the sources of most of the key information here. The images were taken from a forum which were taken from roadrunnersports – who appear to be the original source/leak of the image.

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29 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT | Pre-Release Insight

  1. Looks splendid! When do get the rest of the skinny on this? I need to know battery life and how it connects to garmin connect.

    If I can upload my training sessions to garmin connect via my iPhone as you can do with the Edge 1000 that would be a huge HUGE benefit to me.

  2. just received an email that it’ll ship on Oct 2nd and arrive at my home (in the US) on Oct 5th.

      1. Roadrunner. When I ordered it the confirmation email said it would be shipped on Oct 2nd. As of now, I have not received any additional correspondence from them. I’ll let you know when/if it ships.

  3. Hi XXXXX,

    Great news! Your awesome gear will hit the road on the date(s) below and should arrive within 3 business days after shipping!

    Item: Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS + HRM Run
    Size: OS
    Color: 110/WHRD/White/Red
    Your Fun Ships: Thursday, Oct 02-2014

      1. Yes, I went through the entire checkout process and received an email confirmation. However, I don’t think it’ll charge my card until it ships. We shall see.

  4. Looks interesting, but to me this looks pretty much the same as the Fenix 2 for triathlon purposes (except for swim drills I suppose). I guess the real upgrade here will be in Battery life? Would be interesting to see a comparison.

    1. thank you for your comment, I CAN see why you say that, lots of functional similarities maybe. I would say it looks more like a souped up 910 with a bit of 620 thrown in for good measure. we’ll find out soon!

      1. I agree, but (ignoring all the other active sport features) the Fenix 2 already IS a souped up version of the 910 with the 620 running dynamics thrown in. Functionally, this is the same watch as the Fenix 2 in a different form factor.

    1. well not yet. That request has been up there for a while. My understanding was that the algorithm didn’t work too well for small pool lengths…some people can push off for10m after all. hope it’s there tho. (how many >100m pools are there in the word, I know of 2 of 100m in the UK.)

      1. Apparently it does support pool lengths up to 150 yards or metres. 🙂 I don’t know how many pools there are of longer than 100m, but there is one here that I used in the summer. It’s a simple software option that should be available. I’m not that concerned about small pool lengths, but some people want to be able to use it in hotel pools.

  5. I just called and sooke to a rep at roadrunner sports. The rep said the 920 is not showing anywhere in their system at this time. I explained people have mentioned that they have already preordered. The response was that “Garmin is picky about when their items are allowed to be listed for sale. It is possible that the product was listed on the website and then removed at garmins request if it was listed too soon”.

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