Exciting times in the 5k running world, well in the running world I guess. Here is the latest info from just released today about their new product. I’ve not had a chance to digest all the information below but it is the first official release from the company of their product’s capabilities.

The product’s new aesthetics look great IMHO quite a move on from the previous version I saw.

This is the full information copied from Indiegogo following today’s press release linking to this page . Read below or click that link – the info is the same!:

Review to follow when I can get my hands, feet and chest on one !

————————————— Copied Verbatim from Press Release ————

Zoi guides you to run smarter, faster and with less injuries.

This is Zoi

With Zoi, you can improve your running economy and lower your injury risk. Zoi is designed for all recreational runners who aspire to run faster, smarter and with fewer injuries.

Zoi is the most complete and portable solution to

  • monitor and analyse a rich set of running kinematics parameters,
  • assess running form/technique, running economy and injury risk levels,
  • get  real-time vocal feedback on running, and
  • get personal training plans.
Zoi is a combination of a running application and lightweight running sensors. Zoi app works on iPhone and Android devices. Zoi sensors are worn on the laces of your running shoe and on a chest belt.

Zoi for everyone

Running as an immediate experience is not about miles, kilometers or how many calories you burn. Running is more about movement, using your muscles to take your body through space, feeling your strides on the ground and your heart pumping. We make no compromises in measuring and honing that experience for you.

Zoi is a fascinating wearable product for all recreational runners.  It is something never seen in market before. Zoi measures the running motion, evaluates running technique and skills, and guides towards better running economy and a healthier gait.

Zoi is perfect for runners who are passionate about

•  improving their performance,

•  preventing overuse injuries,

•  achieving their goals with smart coaching,

•  sharing their progress and highlights with their friends,

•  being forerunners on knowledge based training through Zoi Cloud, and

•  finding their running beat

Zoi is a combination of sophisticated sensor technology and smart refinement of the data produced by it. While two state-of-the-art sensors precisely capture the movement of your feet and upper body, the mobile application analyzes the data to give both casual and advanced runners actionable advice for enjoyable, injury-free running.

The no-compromise design philosophy behind Zoi is something previously seen only in scientific applications costing top dollar. We are passionate about running and improving it, so for us there is no other way. Now is your chance to help us realize our vision of affordable technology to support our runner’s instincts.

Zoi cornerstones

Running technique evaluation

Zoi gives runners exact information about their running characteristics, running economy and injury risks. Zoi measures movement untiringly and continuously follows your progress and gives useful information. Are you heel-striking, Are you overstriding,  how long strides are, how well you move in balance, how much you are bouncing. Zoi is your personal running lab that works in every environment.

Real-time smart coaching

Zoi is your personal running coach. She takes in all the available data about your gait, body movement and heart rate, then analyses it and guides you accordingly. It also asks you about your mood and problems.  She advises you towards economical and injury-free running style.

Enjoyment driven

We believe everyone should enjoy running. Zoi introduces smart and joyful exercises that strengthen your body. Zoi application includes training plans and technique cues which help you to find your optimal running beat. Everyone can achieve the flow of joyful running. Out of this ideology, Zoi was born.

Zoi sensors

Zoi sensors are wireless, lightweight and they mount to the laces of your running shoe and to the chest strap. This unique set-up makes Zoi to gather more complete biomechanics data than any other wearable solution.

The sensors have two operating modes. In Connected mode, sensors are connected to application in real-time. In Standalone mode, the sensors store your exercise and you are able to study the results afterwards.

Running kinematics analysis

Zoi is a combination of sophisticated sensor technology and smart refinement of the data produced by it. While two state-of-the-art sensors precisely capture the movement of your feet and upper body, the mobile application analyzes the data to give both casual and advanced runners useful advice. Zoi can provide a comprehensive real-time kinematics analysis that has been only seen in camera-based 2D and 3D video analysis so far.

Smart coaching

Running is a skill

Over 50 % of runners suffer from overuse injuries. There is increasing scientific evidence that poor technique is one of the main components in many running-related injuries. Running is a skill and it does not typically pick up naturally. The skill can be improved.

No tricks, but incremental change

Improving running technique requires time and effort. Too big and quick changes in the way we run are harmful and may lead to injuries. You need a persistent and patient coach.

You can manage what you can measure

It is essential to understand the weaknesses and strengths of own running, but this is not enough. Scores do not tell what you should do. You need simple and actionable guiding and Zoi is your coach.

Zoi Smart coaching means:

  • Voice-based guidance during an exercise or a race. These includes gentle reminders, cheering and encouraging.
  • Close interaction with the trainee to get subjective data on feelings and conditions.
  • Personal training plans that include all the necessary elements of endurance and strength training, balance, stretching and running drills.
  • Adapting training plans based on the current situation so that it serves the best long-term progress.

Zoi analytics

Zoi is a unique endeavor to gather real life running biomechanics data. Our Cloud is ready to help you with advanced analytics.

Our mission is to find answers to interesting and unanswered questions related to running, technique and footwear, such as

•  What is my optimal speed for 5K / half marathon / marathon?

•  Can I finish a marathon in my current physical condition?

•  Are these the right shoes for me?

•  Why am I suffering from shin splits?

•  Can we predict and prevent injuries based on the data?

Running is an exciting sport that fires a lot discussion. People have strong opinions about injuries and training methodology and marketing people bring their own views into the game. Zoi brings the facts on the table.

Zoi application

Zoi app will be available for iPhone (4S and later) and Android in the first quarter of 2015. The app will be free to download. The Indiegogo supporters get free access to Zoi application features.

Live audio & visual feedback

Zoi gives live instructions for the current workout and reminds possible problems in your running with gentle, cheering and encouraging comments. Real-time feedback is smartly selected so runner can focus on improving his/her running form.

Training Plans

A runner can choose from a variety of training plans. Zoi recommends a training plan based on the intended goal, current fitness and running technique level. A training plan may include various elements such as running, drills, strength training, or special technique sessions for activation of right muscles. The plans are being designed together with professional running coaches and technique experts.  

Training Log

All exercises are stored into Zoi training log. It is possible to import/export the exercise data to existing web-based sports diaries.


Zoi app supports standard Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitors. We are actively looking for opportunities to integrate other advanced sport sensor solutions to Zoi.


You can share workouts and technique evaluation information via Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends, physician or coach.


Why Zoi

Running is a very popular sport, but still huge number of runners suffers from overuse injuries. This is mostly due to wrong training (too early, too much) and poor running skills and technique. That all leads to pain and un-motivation.

We love running. We want everyone to enjoy running. Everyone deserves a personal coach. We want technology to work seamlessly. Good trainer knows you personally, and so does Zoi. 

The latest technology lets us make incredible things that were not available in the past. We put extra effort to ensure that technology gives our customers great experiences. In addition, we want to give runners the whole benefit of it all. By collecting information on running, we can learn amazing things. For example, how people are running in different locations, what running shoes are most injury-free, what drives running economy and causes overuse injuries. In this effort we collaborate with the scientists – both big data and biomechanics.

Zoi team

The history of Zoi roots back to 2010 when Tommi was choosing new running shoes in local sport store. The physiotherapist helping him recognized issues in alignment of his feet. Based on this experience, Tommi soon realized how important role running technique and skills play in running economy and injury prevention.

Runteq was founded in 2012 to develop automatic running technique assessment. The team worked hard to bring the first non-camera based product available for its first customers. Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation supported the endeavor.

Our first product (RunLab Coach) received great feedback from scientists, fitness testing centers and coaches in Finland, UK and Ireland. But most importantly, the interest among the consumers was even higher.

Today, team has grown, but the core vision has stayed intact. We all strive to make Zoi available for everyone. Runteq is closely collaborating with Finnish electronics design house iProtoXi who bring their competence in wireless electronics and manufacturing. Evident Solutions brings supreme software development to the Zoi team.


Production plan

The development of Zoi smartphone app has been started on iOS platform. The first beta version is in testing and further implementation. We expect that Zoi will be available in App Sotre by end of November 2014 . The Android version will be available in March 2015.

The design of the Zoi sensors is being finalized during September 2014. The key design points are already made, but some small changes in design are possible during the final elaboration of the sensor mechanics. We have started negotiations with contract manufacturers.

We are in a process of testing our new sensor electronics and bringing our advanced kinematics algorithms onto the embedded platform.

The key milestones of production are described below.

Risks and challenges

Our team has a very strong engineering and product development background that spreads in algorithm design, signal processing, mobile and server software, electronics, mechanics and manufacturing. There is no recognized technology risks.

We are confident we can will make Zoi app available in Nov 2014 for iOS. The Zoi sensor development is progressing quickly and based on the discussion with contract manufacturers it is realistic to plan the first shipments for February 2015.

Stretch goals

100 000 euros – Great! Match your Zoi to your other gear and garments. We make available new stylish color versions of sensor cradle as own perks at a special price for the supporters.

200 000 euros – Excellent! We will make Zoi apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch happen during the first half of 2015.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your time and strong support for realizing our joint dream. Zoi can change the life of millions of runners.  For us, Zoi is a true labor of love. With more and more people sharing our enthusiasm, we know we are on the right track. We welcome your questions, ideas and suggestions. Let us keep in touch!

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