New distances for London Duathlon in 2015 ld15

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The organisers of the uber-successful London Duathlon are mixing things up a bit next year (2015). I had a quick look at the distances following an email from them and it looks like a distance/event may be being dropped. Fair enough as there seemed to be a bit of overlap with some of them; there is also the constraint of course of the rather fixed length of a bike-lap of the park – the run bits can be and are, to an extent, tinkered with a bit (on the 10k leg with the extra bit to make up the distance) so that they fit the required distance. Also getting more people into certain events helps everyone know where they stand in relation to others.

Anyway, ignoring that some of the event names are being changed to things like DUATHLON and HALF-DUATHLON. I think that’s both a good and bad idea. It will be a tad confusing for the Age Group-level athletes, so that’s bad. But I suspect by far the majority of entrants are charity-competitors or first-timers or local and the like. So the new descriptions will make it much more comprehensible for them and perhaps also for explaining what madness they are doing to other people!

Roll on LD15 roll on 2015.

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